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301 View Pumper Youtube View Booster

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Presented By TechMan
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Before adding views to the videos, make sure that the videos are marked as Unlisted (on YouTube). It only works to add views to an unlited video. After you finish adding views, you should proceed to mark the videos as listed.

Step 1: Add video links manually
If you want to add videos manually in the software, simply click on Add Video and enter 1 video link/line.
The video link should be the full video link, example:

Step 2: Add video links from an import file
You can also import the videos from a .txt file. You need to write 1 video link/line or you can export the video links directly from Mass Video Blaster Pro.
To export links from Mass Video Blaster Pro, select all the videos (in the Upload Module), right click and click on Export.

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