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Akame Ga Kill – Tatsumi x Esdeath Moments Part 1 |ENG SUB|

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Tag: Anime, romance, love, comedy, funny, cartoon

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    I loro stati di salute
    s'approcher trop
    rispettivi prevenirli
    per avvicinarsi troppo
    ደሞዝ ማግኘት ይፈልጋሉ? አንቺ ግን ከልጅ ጋር ላም ነሽJURUH juga i

  2. I have this weird feeling with Esdeath

    I am at the Like-Dislike feeling but more to the like
    Here is the reason
    I like her because her Savage personality and her consideration to her fellow teammates and Tatsumi
    I disliked her because, She died with Tatsumi and we all know Tatsumi liked Mine more and i hoped Tatsumi was burried with Mine(basically just a dumb reason)

    Except that girl with the brown-orange haired who always do so-called Justice which is irritating af and when she died i was satisfied af

  3. I honestly still feel like he could’ve forced her to join his side by manipulating her with his fake feelings. Esdeath wanted someone she can dominate and yet every time Tatsumi was being bold with his words, taking control of the situation and basically being his own man that can make his own choices, becoming the only thing Esdeath could never have, everytime those things happened she would always talk about falling for him even more. So with that and spending more time with her on that island doing all sorts of things it would’ve push their relationship to the next level. Obviously she wouldn’t change as a person but I’m sure that the execution could’ve been avoided and by that point she would’ve chose “Love” over her duties as the commander. Giving the night raid the advantage and unnecessary deaths.

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