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Hospital – Flags and Passes – tips and advice's – Rise of Kingdoms

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How to defend your city:

MGE preparation :
training speed:

Gathering part :

blue and green commanders :
Jumper Account:

Pairing Epic Commanders:

Pairing Legendary commanders:

FULL Epic commander talents GUIDE :

Full LEGENDARY commander talents GUIDE:
part 1:
part 2:

live Streaming days(RoC schedule) : every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday 18:00 UTC

any other day(not mentioned) possible for live stream if there is something important or i got time daily videos to keep you up to date with what is going on in the game, tip’s and advice’s if any

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33 bình luận trong “Hospital – Flags and Passes – tips and advice's – Rise of Kingdoms”

  1. The reason why i really love this channel.. And legend rhony is one of kind.. All the information helps a lot to many player especially beginners like me to understand it clear..and straightforward.. Thank u so much legend rhony.. Always answering my questions, replies.. Keep up d Good work more n more n more.. GODBLESS..


  2. hey man, I am new to this game but I have been trying to find an answer for this for a while now.

    when the alliance is building a flag. it is written that there are 2 factors to speed building it. first is the number of players and 2nd is the number of troops. so I was wondering how big of a part does each one of those take ? I know this is very hard to answer but if you know the answer please tell me.

  3. Rhony, can you make a video to compare between maxed epic commander vs 1st skill maxed legendary commander of same level and same genre? such as maxed sun tzu vs 1st skill maxed richard, maxed scipio vs 1st skill maxed ceasar. I really think legendary still come up on top.

  4. Great content, I'll be sharing this with my alliance. One question that maybe you would help answer and even make a video out of is if the Garrison Talent and the Conquering Talent applies to things besides your own city? In the video you say it does but I think if you look into it you might find it is not as clear as you think. It seems to be a point of disagreement in my alliance and is largely a gray area left by the developers. If you click on the Garrison Talent it states "This commander excels at leading city garrisons to repel enemy attacks". The key word being city. It is similar with the Conquering Talent. I would also point out that the tittle Garrison Commander is different from the Captain title given everywhere else. It will take some testing to figure it out but If this is the case people are throwing a majority of their talents and losing out on lots of buffs both when attacking and when defending with these Talents.

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