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minecraft flags of the world

i thought about something creative and fun to make, and after 15 minuets i decided to create the flags of the world, i really tried to make it the prettiest flags i can. i hope you will like it.
its very important to me if you will like, comment, rate, share and subscribe to my channel so i will continue making videos 🙂

Tag: minecraft, flags

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    Closest matches displayed above. The Moldovan flag is used instead of Trans-Dniester Republic, possibly because they couldn’t use emoji flags of some partially recognized states

  2. Mexico 🇲🇽???? Serbia 🇷🇸??? USA 🇺🇸??? Haiti 🇭🇹???? El Salvador 🇸🇻??? Nicaragua 🇳🇮???? Puerto Rico 🇵🇷??? The Bahama 🇧🇸??? Qatar 🇶🇦??? Canada 🇨🇦??? Spain 🇪🇸??? Portugal 🇵🇹???

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