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Name all 197 flags of the world challenge – timed

In this video, I did a geography Sporcle quiz titled, ‘Can you name the flags of the world.’ There are 197 UN recognised country’s flags to name in this quiz, solely off seeing a picture of their flag.

Being a total nerd, yes I completed the world flag quiz, and yes I got Chad and Romania mixed up because they’re identical, and blah blah about the Poland, Indonesia and Monaco flags, get over it – completed it mate. I am now the flag master. Vexillology wizard.

Since I was in school, I’ve been overly interested in world flags and countries of the world in general, for no reason it seems, and it’s never really got me anywhere, apart from in the odd pub quiz – but that’s rare. I used to sit and study the back of the geography textbook in high school, instead of listening to the teacher, and it all came down to this, a 12 minute video for YouTube. Mum, I did it.

If you’d like to test yourself on this flags of the world quiz, here’s a link:

If you think you can do better, faster, or just want to comment, throw one below. Try to name the flags of the world in this fun with flags quiz. If you want to learn more about flags, just Google it, do a flag challenge, download geo challenge on your phone, watch youtube videos – you know how to learn.

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